The Captains Booty Contest Rules - The Captain's Boil

obtain a checklist from any captain’s boil location in ontario, alberta or bc

Your server will provide every table with 1 checklist

go through the checklist and check off listed items to receive a scratch card AS A REWARD

Each completed ‘treasure chest’ will receive 1 scratch card

ensure that a stapled copy of your receipt is attached to your checklist & scratch card

All discounts and food prizes can only redeemed upon your next visit at the same location

take a picture of your winning scratch card (scratched prize area with unique code must be visible), the completed checklist, and receipt showing all the items ordered

Customer will be required to submit their 3 images and contact information to the contest submission page by scanning the QR code on the scratch card

someone from the captain’s boil will reach out to you via email once your submission has been received